Thursday, 3 October 2013

Canvas swap

A long time ago I joined a canvas swap and I eventually got round to making for my swappee Lexi 3 frames with the words, faith, hope and love, with a colour scheme of creams with a hint of brown and gold (hopefully there is not too much brown for you Lexi) I had got 3 little frames on easels (the easels I stained a walnut colour) I painted my canvases cream and added a little wordy tissue paper, did a little bit of stamping, added my words which I cut out on my cricut and added a few butterflies.
Sorry my photography skills weren't great on this. I hope you like them Lexi :)

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Fat pages

Over on UKS I had joined in another swap, this time to make 'fat pages' in other words a page that is not flat. The pages could be anything we wanted but they had to be 4x4. I went with a fabric theme, I used an old pair of jeans as my background which I stitched onto some card, then I added a script stamp, I stamped an image onto some muslin cloth and frayed the edges a little, put a tiny bit of wading behind to make it 'fat' before stitching onto the denim, added a little lace as I thought it made it nicer. I made a flower out of some ribbon and stitched on a button. I was pleased with how they turned out but I realize how bad my eye sight has gotten when I was tidying up the threads and stitching the ribbon flower I could hardly see the needle to get it threaded, oh the joys of getting older!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

You're having a laugh

This time I'm making a page for Jo in the you're having a laugh cj, the theme is How do you feel today? I finished it last night and have it all parceled up ready to post. As July has been such an unusually hot month I've been feeling hot, hot, hot, really not used to having such good weather here. My background has been sprayed with Dylusions inks, I used a Tim Holtz stamp for the circles and added an octopode girl and sun, I was really pleased with how it turned out. Jo I hope you like it too :)

Chunky 8 for a mate

Over on uks I joined in the chunky swap because I had so much fun with the last one, this one was an open theme which I was more than a little nervous about as I hadn't a clue what to do! so with the help of the swap fairy I found out that my swappee Gill like the colour lime green and she also like funky images. As we had been having really hot summer weather I thought I would go with a summer theme, I downloaded some octopode images on etsy, I really like these images and the good thing about digi images you can make them any size you want :) I painted my wood a nice lemon colour and stuck on some lime green paper, the waves and sun are part of the octopode digi stamp as well, added some beads as feet. I stuck on the clouds and sun on acetate to give the illusion of floating in the air and added the phrase you are my sunshine on the back. I really wasn't sure what to add on the sides, and after a lot of thinking I put the word fun and added a heart and shell on the other. Gill has received and likes it :)

Monday, 8 July 2013

Messy art journal CJ

This month for the 'Let's Get Messy art journal CJ' was a page for Gill, Wisher, she has a beautiful little book that she altered called 'Up the Rainbow Stairs' by Sheila E Braine and her topic is,have you guessed??? yes Rainbows :) when you hear the word rainbow what does it make you think of? For me it is the old children's TV program Rainbow which I used to watch when I was a little girl, the theme tune really brings back happy memories for me. I used some water colour crayons for the background, hand drew some houses (a la Kate Crane style) added the rainbow, added a little doodle border and printed out the theme tune and stuck it on. Gill I hope you are of an age to remember the theme tune and you can sing along, hope you like it :)

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Make me Laugh CJ

Art journal cj, my page for Sharon's whose theme is TV or Film quotes, as I love the Shrek movies, I think they are very funny and great for all the family to watch. I went with an image of Shrek, my background in Dylusions inks and some inked and gessoed circles, there were so many quotes to pick from but I eventually went with 'you know Donkey, sometimes things are more than they appear'. Hope you like it Sharon :)

Monday, 1 July 2013

Scrap Room Mess

My scrap room is a real mess at the moment, in serious need of a MEGA tidy up, at the moment I have hardly any space to craft on my desk and I can't find anything even when I just set it down!! So my first task this summer holidays is too have a really good tidy up and clear out, I'm hoping by posting these photos it will inspire/embarrass me into tidying up. Do I have too much stuff in my room?? no I don't think so, I probably don't need to buy anything more for the next 10 years but that doesn't stop me from wanting lol :D

Inchie/Twinchie swap

Over on UKS I'm taking part in another inchie/twinchie swap hosted by the swap queen Karen :) I choose to take part in the 'anything goes' part, my only problem was my mojo had up and gone, I tried several different ideas before I finally settled for these.
These are my inchies which I sprayed with Dylusions inks and added a little flower which I had stamped onto some printed paper, coloured in with my pro marker and stuck on.
These are my twinchies which I again sprayed with Dylusions inks and then I just added a stamped image which says 'trying to be good', simples!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Rock god swap

Over on UKS (where else do I be) I joined in on a rock god swap, the idea is to make some items relating to my swappees rock god, at least 5 things. My swappee is Sian and her rock gods are Guns and Roses, esp Duff, I had great fun with this swap and really enjoyed making everything was wasn't hard to do as I really like Guns and Roses too :) I made a photo frame, a chunky, a mini album in a tin, added some photos to 2 magnets and a key ring, I bought some badges of ebay and I also found a skull necklace, not really guns n roses but I thought Sian would like it and of course the obligatory bar of chocolate which no swap would be complete without :)
This is the whole kit, sorry the photo has a little glare on it which I didn't realise at the time
This is the mini tin which I covered and grunged up, I made a little mini album of photos I found on the internet
A close up of badges, magnets and keyring
The chunky, I added some photos and some charms on the sides and put some guns and roses on top :)
It took a while for it to arrive with Sian, I was starting to get a little worried but I know it has arrived safely and Sian loves it :) I really didn't want to part with it cause I loved it too

Mail art

Over on UKS I've joined in a mail art swap, the idea is to make postcard size pieces of art and then pop them in the post :) I send to the person above and below me on the list and the lucky ones this time are Frances and Sian, once they have received I can join in again. This is the one I sent to Frances, I used some of my Dylusions inks, I like this pencil stamp and I had a few other stamps which I thought went well with it.
This one is for Sian, again I used my Dylusions inks this time the stamp was an Octopode,gessoed through a Dylusions mask and I picked a quote from Dr Suess which I thought appropriate and voila :) I wonder what the postie will make of them lol

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Chunky 7

Over on UKS I have been following the chunky swaps from afar, there has been some absolutely amazing chunkies made, so this time I thought I would brave it and join in. My swappee was Chrissie and as the chunky hostess I kinda went eekk! when I found out. Her theme was '7 Deadly Sins', and although my chunky didn't turn out as I had planned in my head (but then things never do!)I was sorta pleased with how it turned out but I think next time I know how to improve :)Do you hear that Chrissie I will be joining in again if you'll have me. I painted my chunky black, added some bead feet, found some pictures on the internet about the 7 deadly sins, put one sin on the front and added the other 6 sins in a little concertina at each side, on top I added an eye for envy, lips for lust and a box of chocolates for gluttony.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Secret vices swap

Over on UKS I was in a swap called secret vices, my swappee was Lexi and I sent her a little tin of goodies. Her vices were liking the colour teal too much, flowers and collecting stash. I decorated a little memory tin, added some flowers and other bits of stash. This swap has run over it's completion date a little ...cough,cough, alot but I got there in the end :) I hope you like your tin Lexi.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Having a Laugh CJ

My latest page for the Having a Laugh art journal cj, it is for Cynthia's journal with the title "words to live by", I used some of my Dylusion ink sprays and some Dylusion stamps and used a quote I found on the good ole 'tinternet that I thought was very appropriate, hope you like it Cynthia :)

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Jiggy swap

Over on UKS we SS'ers are having a jiggy swap, these swaps tend to over run the finish date by a little ( or a lot lol) and I hold my hands up to being one of the the last to get my jigsaw pieces to Karen, but after a swift kick I got my rear into gear and finished my pieces. There are 12 of us and we each picked a different month of the year and decorated our pieces accordingly. Here are my finished pieces and I'm glad to say that Karen has received them :) I look forward to getting them all home and seeing what everyone else has created.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lets get Messy Art Journal pages

I'm in an art journal circle journal over on UKS which I'm having loads of fun doing, the latest one was Karen's journal where she asked us to do a random page or double page and then sign in at the back of her book. I got a bit carried away (hope you don't mind Karen) and did a single page as well as a double page. It is a really great looking journal so far, I was reluctant to pass it on. On this first page I used paint and gesso, with some bits of book print and the image is from Tumble Fish Studio, this is my first time downloading images for art journal use and it was really easy to do :) On my 2nd page I used some of my Dylusion inks and stamps and I also used an image from Tumble Fish again.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

You're having a laugh art CJ

Over on UKS I have joined another art journal CJ, this one is called You're having a Laugh, hosted by Gill. The theme I chose is Make me Laugh, any funny quotes,sayings or jokes can be used :) I have used an old notebook that I never got round to using, covered my page with some gesso, added some Dylusions inks, a few background stamps and my Stampotique stamp Karin, who I thought went well with my quote. My page is below and I look forward to seeing what everyone does with my theme.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Affirmations swap

Over on UKS I'm taking part in a positive affirmations postcard swap, hosted by the lovely Sian. This is my positive affirmation :)
It was also decided to do an alternative affirmation, all good fun:)
I look forward to seeing what I get back.