Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Rock god swap

Over on UKS (where else do I be) I joined in on a rock god swap, the idea is to make some items relating to my swappees rock god, at least 5 things. My swappee is Sian and her rock gods are Guns and Roses, esp Duff, I had great fun with this swap and really enjoyed making everything was wasn't hard to do as I really like Guns and Roses too :) I made a photo frame, a chunky, a mini album in a tin, added some photos to 2 magnets and a key ring, I bought some badges of ebay and I also found a skull necklace, not really guns n roses but I thought Sian would like it and of course the obligatory bar of chocolate which no swap would be complete without :)
This is the whole kit, sorry the photo has a little glare on it which I didn't realise at the time
This is the mini tin which I covered and grunged up, I made a little mini album of photos I found on the internet
A close up of badges, magnets and keyring
The chunky, I added some photos and some charms on the sides and put some guns and roses on top :)
It took a while for it to arrive with Sian, I was starting to get a little worried but I know it has arrived safely and Sian loves it :) I really didn't want to part with it cause I loved it too


Sian said...

Yes Sian DOES love it! :D It's amazing thank you so much Yolanda!!! :) xxx

Heidi said...

lovely work

BEX said...

Oh that is a superb bundle of goodies Yolanda. I especially love the chunky but it's all great. So much variety and all just fab.