Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Rock god swap

Over on UKS (where else do I be) I joined in on a rock god swap, the idea is to make some items relating to my swappees rock god, at least 5 things. My swappee is Sian and her rock gods are Guns and Roses, esp Duff, I had great fun with this swap and really enjoyed making everything was wasn't hard to do as I really like Guns and Roses too :) I made a photo frame, a chunky, a mini album in a tin, added some photos to 2 magnets and a key ring, I bought some badges of ebay and I also found a skull necklace, not really guns n roses but I thought Sian would like it and of course the obligatory bar of chocolate which no swap would be complete without :)
This is the whole kit, sorry the photo has a little glare on it which I didn't realise at the time
This is the mini tin which I covered and grunged up, I made a little mini album of photos I found on the internet
A close up of badges, magnets and keyring
The chunky, I added some photos and some charms on the sides and put some guns and roses on top :)
It took a while for it to arrive with Sian, I was starting to get a little worried but I know it has arrived safely and Sian loves it :) I really didn't want to part with it cause I loved it too

Mail art

Over on UKS I've joined in a mail art swap, the idea is to make postcard size pieces of art and then pop them in the post :) I send to the person above and below me on the list and the lucky ones this time are Frances and Sian, once they have received I can join in again. This is the one I sent to Frances, I used some of my Dylusions inks, I like this pencil stamp and I had a few other stamps which I thought went well with it.
This one is for Sian, again I used my Dylusions inks this time the stamp was an Octopode,gessoed through a Dylusions mask and I picked a quote from Dr Suess which I thought appropriate and voila :) I wonder what the postie will make of them lol

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Chunky 7

Over on UKS I have been following the chunky swaps from afar, there has been some absolutely amazing chunkies made, so this time I thought I would brave it and join in. My swappee was Chrissie and as the chunky hostess I kinda went eekk! when I found out. Her theme was '7 Deadly Sins', and although my chunky didn't turn out as I had planned in my head (but then things never do!)I was sorta pleased with how it turned out but I think next time I know how to improve :)Do you hear that Chrissie I will be joining in again if you'll have me. I painted my chunky black, added some bead feet, found some pictures on the internet about the 7 deadly sins, put one sin on the front and added the other 6 sins in a little concertina at each side, on top I added an eye for envy, lips for lust and a box of chocolates for gluttony.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Secret vices swap

Over on UKS I was in a swap called secret vices, my swappee was Lexi and I sent her a little tin of goodies. Her vices were liking the colour teal too much, flowers and collecting stash. I decorated a little memory tin, added some flowers and other bits of stash. This swap has run over it's completion date a little ...cough,cough, alot but I got there in the end :) I hope you like your tin Lexi.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Having a Laugh CJ

My latest page for the Having a Laugh art journal cj, it is for Cynthia's journal with the title "words to live by", I used some of my Dylusion ink sprays and some Dylusion stamps and used a quote I found on the good ole 'tinternet that I thought was very appropriate, hope you like it Cynthia :)