Monday, 8 July 2013

Messy art journal CJ

This month for the 'Let's Get Messy art journal CJ' was a page for Gill, Wisher, she has a beautiful little book that she altered called 'Up the Rainbow Stairs' by Sheila E Braine and her topic is,have you guessed??? yes Rainbows :) when you hear the word rainbow what does it make you think of? For me it is the old children's TV program Rainbow which I used to watch when I was a little girl, the theme tune really brings back happy memories for me. I used some water colour crayons for the background, hand drew some houses (a la Kate Crane style) added the rainbow, added a little doodle border and printed out the theme tune and stuck it on. Gill I hope you are of an age to remember the theme tune and you can sing along, hope you like it :)

1 comment:

Allycat x said...

It's such a fab page, I sang along to it! Lol
The CJ is indeed beautiful, going to be a lovely book to brighten up dark days!