Thursday, 2 February 2012

Little book of secrets

Over on UKS I joined a little book of secrets swap, a book made with matchboxes and lots of exciting secrets hidden in the drawers. My swapee was Karen, who happened to mention that she didn't like pink fluffy bunnies, peel offs and Paul McCartney, so I was rather naughty and made a fake cover for her book lol!



Karens theme was art journalling and I was rather nervous about doing art for someone else but I was pleased at how it turned out, I enjoyed getting messy and playing with paints, although my favourite was working with the distress inks.









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Karen said...

It is lovely - thank you Yolanda :) and so much better in the flesh .... you may now delete the 1st pic lol !!

Weasel said...

No - keep the first pic - it's great!

BEX said...

They're all fab. Personally I have a preference for the inside but I love the way you've catered to Karen's favourites with the cover!